Significado de normatively en en inglés




See normative

‘As this process occurs, it seems that an apathetic political atmosphere becomes further reinforced and correspondingly apathetic behavior becomes institutionalized as normatively correct.’
  • ‘Lawyers are too seldom encouraged to think normatively about what law should be, or to engage in the historic philosophical debate that surrounds our own discipline.’
  • ‘For example, a court may believe that a doctrine is not normatively justified and yet may not be confident that its belief is correct.’
  • ‘Finally, ours is an observational and descriptive study; as such, we cannot say whether, in any substantial sense, the patterns we observe are normatively the ‘right’ ones.’
  • ‘However, on a theoretical level, the overall impact of the book is under-developed, inconsistent, normatively ambiguous, and politically non-committed.’