Meaning of normie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɔːmi/


  • An ordinary or conventional person, as distinguished from someone who is a member of a particular group or subculture.

    • ‘I need a guide for geeks struggling to buy presents for normies’
    • ‘the venue had a ‘no blue jeans’ policy to keep out normies’
    • ‘I hate to say this, normies, but being normal just ain't what it used to be.’
    • ‘We were average guys - and they were not about to let us un-tanned, 'normies' in.’
    • ‘I was told I should avoid dating another addicts at all costs and instead go for a normie.’
    • ‘Games journalism is produced by lazy normies with no concept of or respect for nerd culture.’
    • ‘These normies don't understand.’
    • ‘'Tabletop game' is probably the term you use when you want to say miniatures game without scaring the normies.’
    • ‘I have come to determine that normies will have a hard time understanding me.’
    • ‘Just about everything is targeted toward normies because they're where the money is.’
    • ‘Normies primarily get their information and news from mainstream sources.’
    • ‘Normies tend to dismiss and often shame outsiders.’


1950s from normal + -ie.