Meaning of Norplant in English:




mass nounTrademark
  • A contraceptive for women consisting of small rods implanted under the skin which gradually release the hormone levonorgestrel over a number of years.

    ‘The five-year contraceptive implant Norplant also can affect mood, although hormone levels tend to return to normal soon after the rods are surgically removed.’
    • ‘At present there are only two types of contraceptive implant used in the UK, Norplant and Implanon.’
    • ‘Conversely, the progestin-only ring acts similar to Norplant, but may only last for 1 or 2 years.’
    • ‘IUDs, Norplant and Depo-Provera have very small pregnancy rates, but these forms of birth control still carry a small risk.’
    • ‘When Norplant first came out, it was all the rage.’


1980s from (levo)nor(gestrel) (im)plant.