Meaning of Norway spruce in English:

Norway spruce


  • A long-coned European spruce which is widely grown for timber and pulp. In Britain it is often used as a Christmas tree.

    Picea abies, family Pinaceae

    ‘The nursery grows mainly white spruce, black spruce, Norway spruce, jack pine, red pine, eastern white pine, Scots pine and smaller amounts of various other species.’
    • ‘For example, in the province of Norrbotten there were twenty times as many old Scots pines and Norway spruces as there are today.’
    • ‘Several species of trees were used for this purpose, most commonly Scots pines and Norway spruces.’
    • ‘Until very recently, the wood comprised mainly of Norway spruce with beech, Scots pine, oak, grey willow and birch, with some rowan and holly in the shrub layer.’
    • ‘Needle retention on cut trees is generally better than that for white and Norway spruces and is almost as good as that of pines.’