Meaning of noseband in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnəʊzband/

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  • The strap of a bridle or head collar, which passes over the horse's nose and under its chin.

    ‘I put a drop noseband or something similar on the horse to stabilize his jaw so that the game of nipping or mouthing me just never even gets started.’
    • ‘If your horse bites, put a drop noseband around his mouth.’
    • ‘The cavesson should be fitted in such a way that the noseband lies below the cheekbones and on the nose-bone, this way, it will not interfere with his breathing.’
    • ‘The six-year-old son of Polish Precedent, known for his bad gate manners and unpredictable behavior each morning, wears a netted muzzle from the noseband over his mouth during training in an attempt to give Robinson more control.’
    • ‘Since then we've changed equipment, going from a noseband to a figure eight and he's been fine since.’