Meaning of nosode in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɒsəʊd/


  • (in homeopathy) a preparation of substances secreted in the course of a disease, used in the treatment of that disease.

    ‘Homeopathic nosodes (substances derived from disease products, tissue samples, mucus, pus from discharges, or pure cultures of microorganisms) have been used to prevent disease since the early 19th century.’
    • ‘Although these homeopathic remedies - or nosodes - come from disease products, they are not an infection.’
    • ‘On the European continent, combination remedies are popular, often involving modern concepts, as in the use of viral nosodes.’
    • ‘A nosode is nothing but a homeopathically prepared remedy, which can sometimes act in a wide spectrum of diseases.’
    • ‘There are homeopathic companies that make what are called nosodes for specific regions of the United States and Canada.’


Late 19th century from Greek nosos ‘disease’ + -ode.