Significado de not a dicky bird en en inglés

not a dicky bird


  • Not a word; nothing at all.

    ‘‘Did you hear from her?’ ‘Not a dicky bird.’’
    • ‘I haven't had one phone call from him since, not a dicky bird.’
    • ‘‘We've not heard from Hull at all - not a dicky bird,’ said Caisley.’
    • ‘I sent the application on 7 October from Sydney, they've taken the deposit, but not a dicky bird on acknowledgment.’
    • ‘I took my wife there at the weekend and not a dicky bird of bad language was heard.’
    • ‘I'm sitting by the computer waiting to pounce on any juicy news this holiday weekend, but so far not a dicky bird.’
    • ‘I half expected the brake pads to need replacing at least but not a dicky bird.’
    • ‘We in this town do have an annual reception for a few of those who have given their time and effort to help the elderly, the poor, the sick - but not a dicky bird from government to recognise those people.’
    • ‘As far as we know Bourn didn't say a dicky bird to this effect.’
    • ‘As I haven't heard a dicky bird back from Mike I don't think he's that impressed or convinced by my argument.’
    • ‘We did not hear a single dicky bird from the National Party.’