Meaning of not for nothing in English:

not for nothing

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  • For a very good reason.

    ‘not for nothing have I a brother-in-law who cooks professionally’
    • ‘It was not for nothing that the area was declared a top security zone by the Nazis during the Second World War.’
    • ‘But it's not for nothing that I carry a too-large belly too.’
    • ‘It's not for nothing that they call our heritage Judeo-Christian.’
    • ‘But an architect's seven-year training is not for nothing.’
    • ‘After all, their heavy investment was not for nothing.’
    • ‘It's not for nothing that this author published a dissertation on another poet of private systems, William Blake.’
    • ‘It's not for nothing that the studio is painted silver.’
    • ‘It is not for nothing that we are called the Festival City.’
    • ‘It was not for nothing that Goethe's house in East German Weimar was lovingly preserved.’
    • ‘And, not for nothing, Deadwood's got the most complex characters on television.’