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another term for non-profit
‘As a not-for-profit publication we cannot, of course, endorse either team.’
  • ‘It would be run by a not-for-profit fund or charity.’
  • ‘It is rather like handing NHS hospitals over to private health charities and not-for-profit companies like BUPA.’
  • ‘As a registered charity, the not-for-profit theatre does not have huge resources on which to draw if extra marketing is needed to promote a show.’
  • ‘He announced that Railtrack would be taken into administration and replaced with a not-for-profit public company.’
  • ‘Public and not-for-profit organisations face a different set of problems.’
  • ‘It also specialises in providing services to charities and not-for-profit organisations.’
  • ‘Last month they reopened the school as an independent not-for-profit charity.’
  • ‘The function of not-for-profit entities like libraries, museums and archives is also changing.’
  • ‘A lot of people very unhappy with how much you make running a not-for-profit organization.’
  • ‘Its aim is to make it impossible for governments to run public services on a not-for-profit basis, without the participation of private companies.’
  • ‘Gillies has served on the boards of more than 35 public and not-for-profit organizations.’
  • ‘The trusts will operate as not-for-profit organisations, be free to borrow either from the public or private sector plus recruit their own staff.’
  • ‘It is registered as a charity, operates as a not-for-profit company and the programme includes lots of different activities.’
  • ‘Plans to transfer thousands of council homes into the hands of not-for-profit landlords could be put to six public ballots.’
  • ‘The Community Channel is a not-for-profit digital television channel owned by charity The Media Trust.’
  • ‘After all, we're essentially trying to create a new system of accounting for the not-for-profit sector.’
  • ‘Lismore Unlimited is calling for not-for-profit organisations in Lismore to apply for events assistance funding.’
  • ‘It is a not-for-profit organization and is licensed for 454 acute care beds.’
  • ‘Interest is sought from not-for-profit organisations to manage accommodation that links both support and housing.’