Meaning of not know one is born in English:

not know one is born


  • Used to convey that someone has an easy life without realizing how easy it is.

    ‘you lot without families don't know you're born’
    • ‘He doesn't know he's born!’
    • ‘What a softie—he doesn't know he's born!’
    • ‘The original poster should wake up and realise that he doesn't know he's born.’
    • ‘Folks these days don't know they're born.’
    • ‘What I want to say to him is that he doesn't know he's born—he works 10mins drive from where he works and doesn't start til 9:30.’
    • ‘So yes, on the whole, he doesn't know he's born and is in for the shock of his life when the baby comes.’
    • ‘She doesn't know she's born; she must live on air, that girl.’