Meaning of not on your nelly in English:

not on your nelly


informal British
  • Certainly not.

    • ‘Charlie shook his head vigorously. ‘Not on your nelly, mate.’’
    • ‘Frankie Howerd was the man with the catchphrases ‘titter ye not’, ‘shut yer face’ and ‘not on your nelly’.’
    • ‘Surely this would make her a heroine, a whistle-blower, someone who was being bullied and discriminated against, an all-round good girl with priceless victim credentials - but no, not on your nelly.’
    • ‘Generating incremental sales commissions through a low-cost distribution channel like the website its passengers use - not on your nelly!’
    • ‘None of them are prepared to stand up and defend her - not on your nelly!’
    • ‘Not on your nelly, though unlike thousands of volunteers, he was actually paid a fee, albeit a flat, modest one - which he preferred to keep to himself.’
    • ‘Not on your nelly, says SCO - and is there anyone left on the planet who isn't aware of SCO's litigation against Linux and open source?’