Meaning of not one's idea of fun in English:

not one's idea of fun

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  • Used to convey that one does not consider a particular activity to be enjoyable.

    ‘being stuck behind a desk all day isn't my idea of fun’
    • ‘If spending two weeks wedged into a hammock isn't your idea of fun, the club provides a similarly impressive menu of activities.’
    • ‘This isn't a particularly interesting place to be unless hotels and office blocks are your idea of fun, but Granville and Robson Streets have an entertaining collection of restaurants, bars, cinemas and theatres.’
    • ‘Or if oversized rodents and flying elephants are more your idea of fun, you could always drive to the magical world of Eurodisney - a sure fire way of keeping the kids happy whatever the weather.’
    • ‘Perhaps being around Uncle John and Cousin Tommy isn't exactly your idea of fun; it doesn't mean the holidays will be miserable.’
    • ‘But Jon Geldart 's idea of fun would terrify men half his age - and he will be spending his 48th birthday pushing a sledge in pitch darkness towards the North Pole.’
    • ‘It was all extremely glamorous, if not exactly a teenager 's idea of fun.’
    • ‘Stuck in Edinburgh Airport is not my idea of fun.’
    • ‘Nothing against those who like it; just not my idea of fun.’
    • ‘Even though I thankfully live quite close to the airport, it still means getting out of bed around 4am, which is not my idea of fun.’
    • ‘I can see the appeal perhaps when you've had a couple of glasses of wine or beer, but waking up on a Saturday morning just to sing does not seem like my idea of fun.’