Meaning of not someone's day in English:

not someone's day

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  • Used to convey that someone has experienced a day of successive misfortunes.

    ‘not your day, is it, darling’
    • ‘The A's were the better team and should have won but it was not their day.’
    • ‘Balla gave it their all but it was just not their day.’
    • ‘With a yellow card against him already for upending an opponent in the first period this was certainly not his day.’
    • ‘‘Tergat did everything he could,’ says Haile. ‘He was simply unlucky that it was not his day.’’
    • ‘He is a very nice person, very friendly and polite but today was not his day.’
    • ‘There are bound to be days when it doesn't come off, when your timing is just off, when it's just not your day.’
    • ‘Naas told me that sometimes you go on the field and you just know it's not your day.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for Neiman and his friends, today was not their day.’
    • ‘‘It was not Anil 's day,’ said Jeremy adding, ‘He could have done better’.’
    • ‘It was not Pete 's day, as only five laps later the Celica was in the shrubbery and he was walking back to the pits.’
    • ‘It was clearly not Coventry 's day, and leaving the field to a chorus of boos was no surprise.’
    • ‘‘Ugh… not my day… ‘She grumbled getting up and dusting off.’’
    • ‘Avery sighed again, and thought to herself, ‘This is not my day!’’
    • ‘‘It's just not my day,’ she groaned holding her head in her hands.’
    • ‘Today is not my day, she thought, tears welling up in her eyes.’
    • ‘Today is definitely not my day; everything I touch is a big flop!’
    • ‘A sniper was in our school as I continued to think that this was not my day.’
    • ‘This is not my day, she thought in frustration as she walked back to the guard.’