Significado de not the full shilling en en inglés

not the full shilling


coloquial Britanico
  • Very unintelligent or slow.

    ‘he's not the full shilling, but a damn good worker’
    • ‘‘I'm sure when he asked people's advice he was told ‘you're not the full shilling’ or ‘would you stop behaving like an eejit’.’
    • ‘We've sat in front of them with that sinking feeling, the realisation that this person thinks we're not the full shilling.’
    • ‘She had two nieces who were, apparently, ‘not the full shilling’.’
    • ‘Now, he was not the full shilling so to speak and he ended up being cared for from the Parish funds.’
    • ‘Most of them appear not the full shilling so allowing someone to come on and flash the audience given the intelligence levels is something I find deeply uncomfortable.’
    • ‘It is not the full shilling and some people are arbitrarily excluded.’
    • ‘They are not the full shilling and could be seen as servants of their creator, masked, and sent forth to accomplish certain limited tasks.’
    • ‘But they're definitely not the real thing, not the full shilling, so to speak.’
    • ‘You are the one who clearly is not the full shilling.’
    • ‘But this old lady really is not the full shilling.’
    severely mentally ill, mentally ill, insane, mad, certifiable, deranged, demented, of unsound mind, out of one's mind, not in one's right mind, not together, crazed, maniac, maniacal, lunatic, unbalanced, unhinged, unstable, disturbed, distracted, stark mad, manic, frenzied, raving, distraught, frantic, hysterical, delirious, mad as a hatter, mad as a March hare