Meaning of notchy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɒtʃi/

adjectivenotchier, notchiest

  • (of a manual gear-changing mechanism) difficult to use because the lever has to be moved accurately (as if into a narrow notch)

    ‘the gear-change action is rather notchy’
    • ‘However, the pedals are still offset to the left and the fascia-mounted gear change is as notchy as it ever was.’
    • ‘I found the manual rather notchy, with a fairly long throw between changes.’
    • ‘The manual gearbox has a tendency to be notchy and the auto gearbox doesn't change particularly smoothly.’
    • ‘That ‘low mileage, one owner, town car’ may seem like a good idea but you'll often find that a life spent covering short journeys also results in a notchy gearbox, worn suspension and a tight engine.’
    • ‘The gearbox is also a bit Jekyll and Hyde - it slides smoothly and effortlessly into lower gears but fifth gear is a bit notchy and I have a bit of a tussle to engage it.’