Meaning of noumenal in English:



See noumenon

‘Nietzsche rejected the Kantian distinction between a noumenal and phenomenal world.’
  • ‘In speaking of a social contract, therefore, we are referring not to an actual agreement between empirical selves, but to a hypothetical agreement between purely noumenal beings.’
  • ‘Certainly, the largest religion on the census forms in the UK is ‘Christian’, which covers a vast number of levels of belief and commitment but bespeaks some sort of readiness to accept the existence of numinous or noumenal entities.’
  • ‘In his Critique of Pure Reason, Kant famously differentiated the noumenal, or ideal, realm from the phenomenal or lived world.’
  • ‘Its basis is noumenal, or phenomenally unknowable, a function of the instruments of perception, which Kant characterizes in terms of consciousness rather than of language, by means of which our access to reality is mediated.’