Meaning of nouveau in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnuːvəʊ/ /nuvo/


  • 1

    short for nouveau riche

    • ‘Then there were the immeasurably proud nouveau landowners, to say nothing of former bankrupts turned CIPs (Commercially Important People, don't you know!).’
    • ‘The writer at least showed the gumption to wander off the beaten path into the student bars which are a world apart from the nouveau / expat hangouts of Andrassy Street and where you'll get a much better idea of life here.’
    • ‘One of the more noteworthy conflicts of the earlier series saw Ozzy and family tormenting the nouveau yuppies over the back fence for their appalling taste in music.’
    • ‘More likely, non-expat / nouveau punters are being put off by the exorbitant prices.’
    • ‘At lunch, Monsieur Caïn and his wife, who epitomize the nouveau bourgeoisie, continue to berate their daughter for what they see as appalling manners and lack of respect.’
    • ‘The association, whose president is Lord Steel MSP, restorer and owner of Aikwood Tower near Selkirk, would probably consider Amhuinnsuidhe to be far too nouveau because it was built in 1868.’
    • ‘More than half its 48 pages are taken up with pictures of nouveau preppies, who pose, pout and strut in a dazzling barrage of fake tan, crystal-white smiles and highlighted hair.’
    • ‘These solidly middle-class Tory unionists did not invest in an expensive private school education to have their son dally with another man's wife in the more nouveau parts of London.’
    • ‘His words for modern luxury would have included gauche, vulgar, nouveau, tasteless, and, most interestingly, offensive.’
  • 2Modern or up to date.

    • ‘nouveau wines’
    • ‘Part of the latest wave of nouveau metal, Kittie adds special effects and sweet, melodic vocals to their intermittent Beelzebubbian snarls over grinding guitars which lead into lengthy, more downtempo, quasi-hip hop breakdowns.’
    • ‘I believe Alanis changed her look and persona to boost flagging record sales and a Grammy snub in 2002, by embracing nouveau punk and releasing a pop radio friendly, non self-indulgent record that very year under a pseudonym.’
    • ‘If you believe the Dutch filmmaker, his attempt at a nouveau MGM musical is rife with Christian mythology and subversive power struggles between Gina Gershon's character and Berkley.’
    • ‘That being said, the audience at Saturday's sold-out show at the Horseshoe welcomed a nouveau breed of melancholic lo-fi indie rock that only the New Folk Implosion could offer.’
    • ‘I was lounging on the pavement-patio of a nouveau cafe-bistro with Clive, an estate agent chum of mine, grazing on a hummus-filled ciabatta between sips of cafe con leche.’
    • ‘And this album clearly recalls the band's original, vaguely seedy electropop sound, with contemporary beat collages and nouveau sheen giving it a breath of new life.’
    • ‘Because the Easterners are acting as a moderating, sensible influence on the rampant anti-American nouveau socialism of the EU elites.’
    • ‘How many of those people they observed interacting with their installation or otherwise were deploying nouveau technology to transcend any form of traditional constraint?’
    • ‘On her debut release, Sunshine Anderson effortlessly blends retro and nouveau soul into a sound that's both fresh and familiar.’
    • ‘It made me feel closer to all those nouveau patriots, waving their flags from their cars like diplomats, even though it was corny and just a way to recycle those old Laker's flag holders.’
    • ‘Since then, Kate has gone on to catwalk glory, managing a successful transition from Goldilocks to nouveau punk thanks to a Jimmy-inspired crop and colour job.’
    • ‘Today, the Uruguayan analyst Esteban Valenti has coined another phrase to rightfully describe his country's plight: los nuevos ricos (the nouveau poor).’
    • ‘You'll find the nouveau hippie existentialism, the cockney laced rap and a handful of funk-fuelled fun.’
    • ‘Fanté would have perhaps been more successful simply covering the classics outright, like fellow nouveau soul crooner Joss Stone.’
    • ‘Unlike many of the nouveau evil leaders you've mentioned he did manage to get a pretty far ranging coalition to take him out - twice!’
    • ‘As she stands in front of the nation on December 9, it's Lady Madonna we'll be watching, the poised, groomed, art-collecting nouveau aristocrat and the latest incarnation in the series of characters Madonna has used since the 1980s.’
    • ‘BJM mainman Anton Newcombe is the high priest of nouveau Cali-psych.’
    • ‘For nouveau hippies there are endless wheat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free eateries, and you can also drop into a class of Pilates to keep you toned and grounded.’
    • ‘Iain S Bruce mounts a spirited defence of the internet against the nouveau Luddites.’
    • ‘These are said to be all the rage in nouveau Asia.’