Meaning of Novocastrian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnəʊvə(ʊ)ˈkastrɪən/


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Newcastle upon Tyne in England.

    ‘the loss of bright sunshine due to smoke in the air is well known to Novocastrians’
    • ‘The ground is, in the Novocastrian phrase, "like bell-metal".’
    • ‘He introduced Pre-Raphaelite and aesthetic art into the unusually close-knit community of Novocastrian businessmen in his capacity as secretary of the school of art and of the North of England Society.’
    • ‘They easily beat the Novocastrians 27–5 at Lancaster and Morecambe College on Sunday afternoon.’
    • ‘Viewers see them criss-crossing the region, roaring across the Tyne Bridge on their beloved motorbikes and sitting down to healthier meals with the Novocastrians rugby clubs.’
    • ‘Mind you, poncy Latin doesn't always thrill the Brit, and so though people from Newcastle (on Tyne) are therefore Novocastrians, they'll actually be Geordies.’
  • 2A native or inhabitant of Newcastle in the Australian state of New South Wales.

    ‘Novocastrians condemned the state government for its 'paltry commitment' to Newcastle’
    • ‘Waiting in the 38 degree blaze, I retreated to the café in the park, only to be soon after met by my Novocastrian friends.’
    • ‘She was a bit like Lucy with a Sydneysider/Novocastrian accent to be honest, quite a cutie.’
    • ‘Newcastle beat Gold Coast on penalties last night, and because the 'Nix finished the regular season ahead of the Novocastrians, they will earn another home game next weekend if they win today.’
    • ‘Last night his impact on the sport was recognised officially when the proud Novocastrian was named the most influential Australian surfer of the past 50 years.’
    • ‘When times are tough, when backs are to the wall, when the easy option is to bottle it, you need a Novocastrian on your water polo team.’
    • ‘"I don't think any Novocastrian would believe that sending 80 per cent of our port's profits to Sydney is either smart or fair."’
    • ‘Local Novocastrians are known for a laid back 'no worries' attitude that fits in with their surfers' paradise.’
    • ‘That was a tremendous half from the Novocastrians, but you can't count Melbourne out.’
    • ‘Newcastle has long had a culture of great literature and this Festival is a celebration of this—not just for Novocastrians, but for all Australians and international visitors.’
    • ‘The Novocastrian is among 24 Australians teeing it up at six different venues across the US for four rounds.’


Mid 17th century modern Latin Novocastrum, Latinized form of Newcastle.