Meaning of nuanced in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnjuːɑːnst/


  • Characterized by subtle shades of meaning or expression.

    ‘Lowe's work has gradually grown more nuanced’
    • ‘the nuanced tone of the performances’
    • ‘Most of our decisions are highly nuanced, very few are clearly black or white.’
    • ‘Robin Rose is known for subtly nuanced, richly textured paintings that examine the expressive possibilities of monochromatic abstraction.’
    • ‘Lowe's work has gradually grown more nuanced.’
    • ‘But as with all legal matters, there's the written policy, and then there are nuanced interpretations.’
    • ‘Eight years earlier, in fact, he had written a famously warm and richly nuanced description of the family in a letter to the German humanist Ulrich von Hutten.’
    • ‘Together with the use of louvred timber screens and reflecting pools, they create a calm and richly nuanced materiality that is enhanced by a muted palette of colours.’
    • ‘This is a significant opportunity for the press to regain control of the language and thereby afford the public a more nuanced understanding of a "war" that is being waged in the public's name.’
    • ‘Calvin continues to be one of the most nuanced and compelling characters on the program, and his subplots often explore various social issues in a mature and thoughtful manner.’
    • ‘His position was so nuanced that his office couldn't keep up with the changes, at one point mistakenly mailing out letters to his constituents that appeared to take both sides in the debate.’
    • ‘For one thing, the people and institutions we cover are learning new tricks to get out their own message - and they ultimately will force us to be more accurate and nuanced in our reporting.’
    • ‘Lacking a more nuanced understanding of Davenport's career and significance, historians have overlooked a number of interesting problems.’
    • ‘"It was a nuanced decision, and he is extremely well qualified to make that decision."’
    • ‘If you're hoping for a complex, nuanced meditation on the nature of nationalism, this is not the film for you.’
    • ‘Making extensive use of unit histories, as well as letters and diaries of the marines and soldiers involved, Clark paints a nuanced picture of life (and death) on a World War I battlefield.’
    • ‘He hailed her as a pioneer who tackled political themes in a more "nuanced" way.’
    • ‘His larger thematic preoccupations are balanced by seductively beautiful prose and, particularly, a way with drawing nuanced and poignantly flawed characters.’
    • ‘The film boasts flawless production values and unusually intense and nuanced acting for a horror film.’
    • ‘Franklin now revisits the affair and gives a more nuanced assessment.’
    • ‘One effect of these changes was to develop a more nuanced understanding of how the past might differ from the present.’
    • ‘Taylor delivers an intelligent, nuanced performance as the angry Chuka, a man who's been dealt a bad hand and will not hesitate to kill anyone foolish enough to challenge him.’


Early 20th century from nuance + -ed.