Meaning of nubility in English:


Pronunciation /njuːˈbɪlɪti/


See nubile

‘Greer describes infancy and childhood as a woman's first age; her adolescence and nubility as her second; wifedom her third; motherhood her fourth; and the end of mothering and the beginning of grandmotherhood as her fifth.’
  • ‘A film like this generally turns on a ‘brave’ central performance, critical shorthand for any role that bestows sexuality on an actor who has progressed past nubility.’
  • ‘Not surprisingly, there's a focus on nubility and girls of a certain age.’
  • ‘Sophie is enigmatic at best, and it's hard to tell exactly what Keith sees in her other than her nubility.’
  • ‘She knows all too well what her own problem is, too: insecurity about being "broken", and losing her youth and nubility.’