Meaning of nuclear club in English:

nuclear club


  • The nations which possess nuclear weapons.

    ‘What people have not celebrated their nation joining the exclusive nuclear club?’
    • ‘Are we encouraging new nations to join the nuclear club, or are we just recognizing reality with this new policy?’
    • ‘It should come as no surprise that some nations are jealous about the exclusive membership of the nuclear club.’
    • ‘With the official expansion of the nuclear club during the last years of the Clinton administration to include Pakistan and India, one might reasonably ask just what advantages such a posture would provide.’
    • ‘For me, a far bigger issue is the reaction of other members of the nuclear club to storage instead of destruction of warheads.’
    • ‘They are now demanding ‘proper recognition’ as new members of the nuclear club.’
    • ‘North Korea is pressing ahead with its nuclear program, and Iran is likely to become the newest member of the nuclear club.’
    • ‘The nuclear club has staged 1,900 atmospheric and underground tests, with the United States having conducted more than half of them.’
    • ‘It is in the United States' interest - indeed, the interest of all members of the nuclear club - to keep new members out.’
    • ‘Countries that have signed the non-proliferation treaty, pledging not to develop nuclear weapons in exchange for self-imposed restraint by the nuclear powers, may also be tempted to try to join the nuclear club, the protesters say.’