Meaning of nuclear deterrence in English:

nuclear deterrence


mass noun
  • The military doctrine according to which the possibility that a country will use the nuclear weapons it possesses in retaliation will deter an enemy from attacking.

    ‘he was a strong advocate of nuclear deterrence in the Cold War era’
    • ‘True deterrence is obtained only through nuclear deterrence.’
    • ‘Nuclear deterrence consists almost entirely in calculating the effects of unfought engagements.’
    • ‘Space systems were funded due to their critical support to nuclear deterrence.’
    • ‘All of our forces have an important deterrent role, but nuclear deterrence raises particularly difficult issues because of the nature of nuclear war.’
    • ‘First and foremost is the contribution nuclear deterrence made to the prevention of World War III.’
    • ‘Nuclear deterrence remains the ultimate guarantee of security for most of the large countries in the world.’
    • ‘Nuclear deterrence must therefore be challenged and alternatives offered if there is to be any serious prospect of eliminating nuclear weapons.’
    • ‘Nuclear deterrence is robust when leaders on both sides fear war and are aware of each other's fears.’
    • ‘Nuclear deterrence, it is argued, eliminated direct military confrontation.’
    • ‘There is no real alternative to nuclear deterrence, and all the indications are that the president will continue the former nuclear policy.’