Meaning of nuclear fusion in English:

nuclear fusion



mass noun
  • A nuclear reaction in which atomic nuclei of low atomic number fuse to form a heavier nucleus with the release of energy.

    ‘At the bright end of the HR diagram, a star stops growing when so much energy is released by nuclear fusion that it can swallow no further mass from the surrounding clouds of gas and dust.’
    • ‘What is the difference between nuclear fusion and cold fusion?’
    • ‘A hydrogen bomb is a device that creates an immediate, massive release of destructive energy through unrestrained nuclear fusion - in short, it's a weapon.’
    • ‘They're produced during nuclear fusion, the reaction that lights the sun and other stars.’
    • ‘Imagine an energy source that is more powerful than nuclear fission or even nuclear fusion.’
    • ‘As early as the 1930s, a number of physicists had considered the possibility that nuclear fusion reactions might be the mechanism by which energy is generated in the stars.’
    • ‘A large ball of gas, generating energy by nuclear fusion, it also created a magnetic field enclosing Earth and the other planets in a gigantic magnetic bubble.’
    • ‘Cold fusion is the term proposed to describe controlled nuclear fusion reactions occurring at or near room temperature.’
    • ‘Normally, stars balance the gravitational force with the pressure from the nuclear fusion reactions inside.’
    • ‘Various propulsion schemes have been proposed, from nuclear fusion to antimatter to laser sails.’
    • ‘The work may help scientists study topics such as nuclear fusion as a possible energy source and demonstrates a new method for studying and modeling dense stellar objects such as white dwarfs.’
    • ‘For example, changes in the rate of energy generation (through nuclear fusion in its core) will cause its diameter to vary.’
    • ‘Unlike stars like the Sun, brown dwarfs don't have enough mass to generate energy through nuclear fusion.’
    • ‘Physicists in the US claim to have seen nuclear fusion in a table-top experiment but their work has met with a hostile reaction from other researchers.’
    • ‘Despite the enormous progress in the performance of experiments over the past 30 years, nuclear fusion is still decades away from generating electricity.’
    • ‘The opposite process, nuclear fusion, where nuclei are joined together, also releases energy.’
    • ‘A nucleus with low binding energy and low mass may reconfigure with other structures of low stability to form a more massive and stable structure through the process of nuclear fusion.’
    • ‘An important goal of plasma physics will be to produce cost-effective, clean, safe electric power from nuclear fusion.’
    • ‘That's roughly hot enough to melt aluminum, but substantially cooler than the core of any star undergoing active nuclear fusion.’
    • ‘The ability to sustain nuclear fusion could provide a way to produce enormous quantities of energy.’