Meaning of nuclear physicist in English:

nuclear physicist

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  • An expert in or student of nuclear physics.

    ‘he was trained as a theoretical nuclear physicist’
    • ‘She is a trained nuclear physicist.’
    • ‘The army recruited an internationally prominent nuclear physicist.’
    • ‘Governments can't build nuclear weapons without nuclear physicists.’
    • ‘He was trained as a theoretical nuclear physicist and taught in the field for many years at universities in Europe and the Middle East.’
    • ‘Nuclear physicists became involved in arms control and disarmament in the Cold War era.’
    • ‘He was a nuclear physicist who popularized the big-bang theory of the origin of the universe.’
    • ‘The wartime investments had huge peacetime benefits for the community of nuclear physicists.’
    • ‘He was an experimental nuclear physicist.’
    • ‘He seems to have started out as a theoretical nuclear physicist.’
    • ‘His family suffered great hardship in the first world war but he was exceptionally intelligent and determined, and managed to become a nuclear physicist.’