Meaning of nucleocapsid in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnjuːklɪə(ʊ)ˈkapsɪd/


  • The capsid of a virus with the enclosed nucleic acid.

    ‘Like other flaviviruses, West Nile virus is a small, single stranded, positive sense RNA virus comprising about 11 000 nucleotides wrapped in a nucleocapsid and surrounded by a lipid membrane.’
    • ‘The DNA is enclosed in a nucleocapsid, or core antigen, which is surrounded by a spherical envelope (surface antigen).’
    • ‘Zinc fingers are a chain of amino acids found in the nucleocapsid of HIV, a viral core protein that is involved in binding and packaging of viral RNA into new virions budding from an infected cell.’
    • ‘The RNA-binding motif is a characteristic feature of the nucleocapsid and is widespread among retroelements.’
    • ‘The HIV - 1 nucleocapsid protein is composed of 55 amino acids, with two zinc-binding domains of the CCHC type.’