Meaning of Nudibranchia in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnjuːdɪˈbraŋkɪə/

plural noun

  • An order of shell-less marine molluscs which comprises the sea slugs.

    Order Nudibranchia, class Gastropoda

    ‘Of the four major sub-orders of Nudibranchia, at least two (Dentronotidae, and Doridae) include examples of swimming species.’
    • ‘There have been behavioral or cellular level physiological studies of swimming in Aplysia, Clione and Limacina, Dendronotus, Hexabranchus, Melibe and Tritonia (Nudibranchia).’
    • ‘The phylogenies of some orders of opisthobranchs (Anaspidea and Nudibranchia) based on partial sequences of nuclear 18S rRNA and mitochondrial rrnS, rrnL, and cox1 genes were also published recently.’
    • ‘However, it should be noted that as with Nudibranchia, there are members of Notaspidea that do not swim and others with different modes of swimming locomotion, such as parapodial waves (not shown).’
    • ‘The order Pleurobranchoidea was located within Nudibranchia, rendering the latter paraphyletic (opisthobranch intrarelationships will be further analyzed elsewhere).’


Modern Latin (plural), from Latin nudus ‘nude’ + branchia.