Meaning of nuisance value in English:

nuisance value



mass noun
  • The significance of a person or thing arising from their capacity to cause inconvenience or annoyance.

    ‘his potential nuisance value as a dissident minority shareholder’
    • ‘The nonchalance with which that episode is recounted lends a surrealistic edge that is all the more pronounced because Richards declines to tell us anything of his feelings about his disability, except to complain of its nuisance value.’
    • ‘It was strange, because before that injured players who could still walk were left out on a wing for nuisance value.’
    • ‘But that is churlish and does not do justice to the magnificent Australian defence, the great running lines and talent of their backs and aggressive nuisance value of Justin Harrison.’
    • ‘He may be Ireland's best striker of the moment but that he struggles against the best defences is a fact further bolstered by the evidence of last night where Keane's best contribution was as nuisance value.’
    • ‘His nuisance value is still evident in tight situations, and continues to bag him goals in Division Three, but in open play he is manifestly far too slow against top-flight defenders.’
    • ‘No human being infected with this grievance-hunting mentality can perform normally and creatively, though he can have a great deal of nuisance value.’
    • ‘Its nuisance value and threat to public order and security are a good deal less than those associated with football and are caused primarily by the activities of a minority opposed to hunting.’
    • ‘Those who kill foxes, rats, slugs or wasps because of their nuisance value are not morally the same as those who hunt just for the adrenaline rush.’
    • ‘First up was Roman Bednar, who went into the game some way below full fitness, but still had plenty of nuisance value.’
    • ‘A big tree can supply an impressive amount of nuisance value to anyone happening to live under it.’
    • ‘Such was his nuisance value that he was banned from every pub in the town.’
    • ‘The real damage comes from internal threats, while external threats still have nuisance value.’
    • ‘To date, none of these have really been of more than nuisance value, and at worst were responsible for slowing down internet traffic and other network traffic in organisations that have been affected.’
    • ‘In the grand scheme of things, however, small, isolated open source projects have largely nuisance value for the company, and it's the ancestral enemies who're the greater danger.’
    • ‘Many will be taken back by their tribes as prodigal sons, some will be murdered in cold blood and a few will linger on with nuisance value but no power, analysts say.’
    • ‘In fact it was probably more nuisance value than anything, dropping spots on cars and windows and giving somewhere for dust to cling to.’
    • ‘These need to be cleared as soon as possible, lest the nuisance value of such inappropriate laws drive potential investors elsewhere.’
    • ‘Quite apart from the nuisance value produced by local symptoms, a vaginal infection can lead to a multitude of complications.’
    • ‘Even those men who have progressed from the Neanderthal stage are walking disasters and only ‘a kind of mad squeamishness prevents us from quantifying the nuisance value of maleness.’’
    • ‘So we can say they have a certain nuisance value.’
    trouble, bother, problems, disruption, nuisance value, disadvantage, difficulty, embarrassment, disturbance, vexation, harassment, worry, anxiety, distress, concern, disquiet, unease, irritation, annoyance, stress, agitation, unpleasantness