Meaning of nulliparous in English:


Pronunciation /nʌˈlɪp(ə)rəs/


Medicine Zoology

See nullipara

‘Mothers with a history of breech delivery are just as likely as nulliparous patients to achieve vaginal delivery in subsequent pregnancies.’
  • ‘Here, the duty midwife or clerk opened the next sequentially numbered, double packed, sealed envelope, taken from a box marked either nulliparous or multiparous.’
  • ‘In nulliparous women, the diagnosis should be considered when the second stage of labor exceeds two hours without regional anesthesia and three hours if anesthesia was used.’
  • ‘Tall stature reduced the risk in nulliparous women, but height had no impact on multiparous women, whose risk of C-section is about the same as that of average-height women.’
  • ‘Only one in four nulliparous women and just over one half of multiparous women with this presentation achieve a spontaneous vaginal delivery.’