Meaning of number cruncher in English:

number cruncher

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  • 1informal A computer or program capable of performing rapid calculations with large amounts of data.

    • ‘But it's not so long since Intel wanted us all to see the 320-odd CPU Itanium 2-based number cruncher Toyota has put in place for the much the same applications.’
    • ‘The classifier is the statistical core of Spambayes, the number cruncher.’
    • ‘An immense network of 10,000 to 20,000 Alpha processors will form the basis of this formidable number cruncher.’
    • ‘No need for an old number cruncher, with the young kids coming in with their notebook computers and their accounting software.’
    • ‘Probably not much if you simply use your computer for recreational purposes, but for number crunchers and workstations, you better get reliable ram.’
    • ‘We want people to engage in the visual world around us, to think about it - not just number crunchers, but people who think about what those numbers mean and engage with that in a more critical way.’
    • ‘How to take this power away from the polls and the number crunchers and return it to the football field where it belongs?’
  • 2informal, derogatory A statistician, accountant, or other person whose job involves dealing with large amounts of numerical data.

    • ‘If a client's a number cruncher, I'll bring four people to a meeting, and my clients will feel like there are eight people back at the office working for them.’
    • ‘Our expert number cruncher Charles Richardson takes you through the likely state by state outcomes from tomorrow's election and also finishes with a biting commentary on Australia's political leadership.’
    • ‘Our expert number cruncher takes you through the likely state by state outcomes from tomorrow's election and also finishes with a biting commentary on Australia's political leadership.’
    • ‘The version of McNamara that people are familiar with is McNamara the number cruncher who was the chief architect of the conflict in Vietnam.’
    • ‘Not just a number cruncher, Hamilton was also a lawyer, general, and first-class flirt - and the architect of the national economy as we know it.’
    • ‘Analysts said that if Chen could manage to do both without increasing the national debt, then he's a better number cruncher than previously thought.’
    • ‘Prentice, the chief number cruncher for the health initiative, did not believe it bore out such sweeping conclusions.’
    • ‘There's no guarantee that the brilliant number cruncher can do that now or any time in the foreseeable future.’
    • ‘In other words you're not interested in accountancy for its own sake - you're not just a number cruncher.’
    • ‘She wasn't a number cruncher, it was a good thing for the cast and even better for the crew.’
    • ‘How would you as an epidemiological number cruncher begin to sort out those patterns?’
    • ‘A noted number cruncher, Mr. FitzGerald believes the Nice referendum will be passed this time.’
    • ‘The government's chief number cruncher released previously concealed record low consumer confidence figures yesterday in the Legislative Yuan.’
    • ‘And in that corner, we have Helen Sommers, a diminutive, 72-year-old number cruncher in reading glasses.’
    • ‘Hurtig said parents don't want to see dollars taken away from the school's other programs to appease institute number crunchers.’
    • ‘None was prepared to comment until their number crunchers had a chance to mull over the figures.’
    • ‘Looking ahead, the number crunchers reckon the merged business could achieve a growth in revenue of between 30-40 per cent in 2004.’
    • ‘In total, the number crunchers reckon some 9.7 million households in the UK have Net access.’
    • ‘Now the number crunchers and analysts are providing the figures to support our bearish assumptions.’
    • ‘Most people think of Pay Corps people as desk-bound number crunchers up to their eyeballs in financial paperwork.’