Meaning of number sign in English:

number sign

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  • The sign #, used to introduce a number (as in question #2).

    ‘These are marked with a number sign.’
    • ‘The number sign indicates nodes with bootstrap values less than 50%.’
    • ‘Letterpress printers have long grouped the ampersand along with other assorted marks (including the asterisk and number sign) under the loose rubric of "allsorts."’
    • ‘The advantage of this system of nine number signs and a zero is that it allows for calculations to be easily made.’
    • ‘A number sign indicates positions with maximum mutual information content.’
    • ‘The two loci marked with a number sign indicate those analyzed by quantitative PCR in the previous study.’
    • ‘The positions of these neurons are marked by a number sign and an asterisk, respectively.’
    • ‘To do stem searching, use a number sign after the word.’
    • ‘These are used in the same way, but rather than using a dot before the name, you use a number sign.’