Meaning of number two in English:

number two


  • 1informal A second in command.

    • ‘he is currently number two at the Department of Employment’
    • ‘Yves Colleu will be my right-hand man, my number two.’
    • ‘World number two and second seed Beachill faces Pakistan's Mansoor Zaman in round one, while Willstrop takes on a qualifier when the action gets underway on August 11.’
    • ‘Now, Secretary Richardson did send his number two, his deputy, to speak to Congress.’
    • ‘The fact is he is the number two person in the whole Bush administration.’
    • ‘Proudlock stepped down after his side's disappointing defeat by Billingham in the Durham County Cup and will now be replaced by his assistant Gary Gill, with Agnew named as his number two.’
    • ‘A police spokesman said he resigned on February 8 and that his number two, David Shefneux, head of finance, became acting finance director the next day.’
    • ‘Joe Loader is the number two person on a three-person F - 15 Eagle load crew.’
    • ‘The number two person ran the lanyards, swayed the munitions, and installed impulse carts in all the loaded stations.’
    • ‘Cassani has been at the centre of rumours that Easyjet chairman Ray Webster offered her a job as his number two in the merger, with the understanding that she would take his place when he retired.’
    • ‘Manager Sam Allardyce is now on the look out for a new number two and Swiss ace Sebastian Roth has been linked, along with Lyn's highly-rated Omani international Ali Al-Habsi.’
    • ‘As number two in an unpopular centre-right government, he has to save the jobs of Alstom's remaining 75,000 employees or his presidential ambitions will be a busted flush.’
    • ‘Angela Merkel wants to form a Grand Coalition but she won't do it with Schroeder as her number two, and Schroeder vice versa won't do it with Merkel as his number two.’
    • ‘The Manchester United boss is facing the prospect of starting the season without a recognised number two following Carlos Queiroz's shock move to Real Madrid.’
    • ‘He's had a series of executives who have tried to be his number two since back in 1994, when his former number two passed away, unfortunately.’
    • ‘He's the Prince of Wales and our future king, the number two in a royal family which embodies the outdated belief that wealth, status and privilege is a right of birth and not a reward for endeavour.’
    • ‘That gap could grow even bigger if Crystal Palace are successful with a move to make Wanderers' first team coach, Neil McDonald, the number two to manager Iain Dowie.’
    • ‘Mr Arafat sent a letter to Abbas, the number two in the PLO, asking him to form a new cabinet, said Palestinian cabinet minister Saeb Erekat.’
    • ‘The presumed number two of Takfir Wal-Hijra's French operation had fled, along with the simcards and chips for the cell phones used by the organisation.’
    • ‘There have also been departures from the Saturday broadsheet section, with editor Jenny Hjul and Mary Lockhart, the number two, both leaving.’
    second in command, second, number two, subordinate, junior, auxiliary, adjutant, lieutenant, subaltern, assistant, personal assistant, PA, aide, helper, right-hand man, henchman, underling
    1. 1.1A person or thing ranked second in ability or size.
      • ‘He was once ranked number two in England and was Southern Area Champion in the late 1970s.’
      • ‘Everyone is healthy, I can finally play, and most importantly, we're undefeated - ranked as number two in the nation even.’
      • ‘Maryland was ranked number two in micro research (tied with Michigan).’
      • ‘She was also president of our class and number two in the ranks.’
      • ‘Liposuction ranks number two on the list of most popular cosmetic surgical procedures.’
      • ‘Religious hate crimes rank number two for all hate crimes committed in America.’
      • ‘There to assist will be Europe Olympic competitors Maria Coleman who is now ranked number two in the world and Peter Bailey, recently crowned Mirror World Champion.’
      • ‘In the 2003 survey released last November, UW was ranked number two in the comprehensive category, behind the University of Guelph.’
      • ‘Brock is ranked number two in the CIS, but the Warriors swept the season series from them, winning the two games by six and eight point margins.’
      • ‘The following day saw the Warriors return home for a game against the nation's number two ranked team, the Laurier Golden Hawks.’
      • ‘Kathryn, 28, who has cerebral palsy and learning difficulties, has been ranked number two in the country in her dressage class.’
      • ‘Once ranked number two, Chang's career has been in steady decline.’
      • ‘Meakins, who is the defending champ and winner of the Barbados Open the last four years, was ranked number two behind Kumar.’
      • ‘Ribbing by a friend triggered kick boxer Pierre Rhodes to come out of retirement and he has shot to being ranked number two in the country at his weight.’
      • ‘The United States leads the GCI, swapping positions with Finland, last year's number one and now ranked number two.’
      • ‘Welsh goes into the 200m backstroke ranked number two behind Olympic champion Aaron Peirsol with fellow Australian Ethan Rolff also in the top eight.’
      • ‘Eastman did not make things any easier either as he threatened to pull out of the fight after being promised a crack at the WBA middleweight title where he ranked at number two.’
      • ‘Peugeot is ranked number two in European auto sales.’
      • ‘The highlight of the festivities was a magic show performed by child prodigy Chachawal Suwanchainmanee who is ranked number two in Thailand.’
      • ‘US investor Warren Buffet is still ranked number two this year.’
  • 2informal Used euphemistically to refer to faeces.

  • 3informal The second shortest men's cropped haircut produced with electric hair clippers.