Meaning of numeracy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnjuːm(ə)rəsi/

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mass noun
  • The ability to understand and work with numbers.

    ‘basic skills such as numeracy and literacy’
    • ‘numeracy skills’
    • ‘Once a need has been identified nursery staff can then give people information on where they can get help with literacy, numeracy or language skills.’
    • ‘Assuming basic literacy and numeracy skills, however, the voting process itself would not be all that difficult.’
    • ‘Literacy and numeracy skills also have to be assessed.’
    • ‘At its heart lie core skills in computers, numeracy and literacy, with students given flexibility to choose the rest of their timetable.’
    • ‘The minister committed to improving literacy and numeracy skills for farm workers and agri-businesses.’
    • ‘Children play a number of different games with the cards which helps them in developing their literacy and numeracy skills.’
    • ‘Civil servants there are being offered tuition in the basic numeracy and literacy skills they failed to pick up at the schools now under their command.’
    • ‘They were looking for local individuals who had made a significant contribution to the literacy and numeracy skills of residents in the town.’
    • ‘She doesn't have the requisite literacy and numeracy skills.’
    • ‘Another hidden group is people with poor literacy and numeracy skills.’
    • ‘He tells me about a 22-year-old he knows who has almost no literacy or numeracy and few social skills.’
    • ‘Poverty comes in many forms but the poverty of a child who lacks the basic skills of literacy and numeracy casts a shadow over his or her whole life.’
    • ‘It also helps parents and carers to ‘brush up’ on their own skills in literacy and numeracy.’
    • ‘He said the project would also contribute to students' literacy and numeracy skills.’
    • ‘There is a percentage of the working age population in York which has low literacy and numeracy skills’
    • ‘The apprentice team already have literacy and numeracy skills at Year Nine to Ten level.’
    • ‘They took City and Guild courses in literacy, numeracy and personal skills.’
    • ‘A child who left school with no basic literacy or numeracy skills would be severely disadvantaged.’
    • ‘The New Zealand education system allows one in five of our children to leave school without basic numeracy and literacy skills.’
    • ‘For this reason, it was decided to teach literacy and numeracy skills to older members of the community.’