Meaning of numinosity in English:



See numinous

‘It was there that many Bulgarian freedom fighters were hidden during the 500 years of Turkish rule, and from what we could tell, a good deal of the monastery's meaning, its numinosity, was associated with its resistance to the Turks.’
  • ‘Despite what we might call the numinosity of this situation, Mr Tung takes an immediate liking to the new ‘tenant’, who introduces himself as Mr Chung Tse-hsia.’
  • ‘Originally the word kami was used to describe any mysterious or sacred reality, anything that seemed to possess numinosity.’
  • ‘You have to really engage with it, live it, breathe it, experience the numinosity, the beauty, the sorrow and the joy.’
  • ‘In every period of worship these things take on the numinosity of faith, each with its inherent worth abruptly revealed.’