Meaning of numpty in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnʌm(p)ti/

nounplural noun numpties

informal British
  • A stupid or ineffectual person.

    • ‘confused numpties who have little idea of what they're talking about’
    • ‘what a complete numpty!’
    • ‘Now the great numpty is serving 28 days in prison after he chucked paint over a Turner Prize nominated artist.’
    • ‘For a few minutes I felt like a complete numpty, then I got into it.’
    • ‘Some numpty forgot to make the developing room light-tight so we're all getting fogged film.’
    • ‘Then a numpty, walkie-talkie jobsworth in a parka sidles up and tells me to shove off.’
    • ‘Saturday we didn't sail as the wind was too strong for numpties such as ourselves, and many of the boats which did go out were capsizing right left and centre (or should that be starboard, port and centre?’
    • ‘Maybe our prisons are filled with implausible, stereotypical numpties who've watched GoodFellas too many times and want to be criminals more than they actually want to commit crime.’
    • ‘New boy Mark Ballard said: ‘To assume all young people are neds is no fairer than assuming all politicians are numpties.’’
    • ‘It is not, in fact, time for Scotland to Move On, with nothing changed, the numpties in place, assimilating an acceptance of mediocrity into the national psyche.’
    • ‘It's about the under-employed Westminster numpties trying to assert themselves because they've nothing else to occupy their time.’
    • ‘I've had trip out in the sun to deliver a magazine which had been mis-delivered by the Royal Mail numpties, and to vainly attempt to get a belt for my vacuum cleaner at Currys.’
    • ‘He will obviously be restricted in his comments, thanks to the numpties at the SFA with their knee-jerk gagging order on him as owner of Hearts.’
    • ‘The one thing about giving more powers to local numpties is that at least they would be our numpties, locally visible and directly accountable.’
    • ‘And they wonder why everyone thinks politicians are such numpties?’
    • ‘Nor was this an assembly of numpties, unable to grasp complex issues.’
    • ‘Won't we simply replace Labour numpties with more Nationalist, Liberal and Tory numpties?’
    • ‘Clearly our representatives are not numpties at all, but men and women of vision, judgment and integrity!’
    • ‘Outside, the numpties are letting off fireworks with seven weeks to go before Bonfire Night.’
    • ‘How did we get to the point of relying on these numpties to encapsulate and express emotions on our behalf?’
    • ‘Yes, I am a complete numpty and everybody hates me.’
    • ‘It's a useful headline grabber but it doesn't help when you're overtaking the numpty with the caravan.’


1980s of Scottish origin, perhaps an alteration of numbskull, with the ending remodelled on the pattern of Humpty Dumpty.