Meaning of Nunavummiut in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnʊnəˈvʊmɪət/

plural noun

  • The people inhabiting the territory of Nunavut.

    ‘Researchers from Statistics Canada are travelling across the territory, interviewing Nunavummiut for an international study on literacy.’
    • ‘Among the 109 appointees are three Nunavummiut, one from each of the territory's regions.’
    • ‘While much more work still needs to be done, all Nunavummiut should be proud of what Inuit, working together, have accomplished in this fishery to date.’
    • ‘She said more Nunavummiut can influence federal policies so they better reflect Inuit culture.’
    • ‘Even if every single cigarette smoker in Nunavut were to kick their habit tomorrow, large numbers of Nunavummiut would continue to ingest large amounts of cancer-causing smoke into their lungs - in the form of grass or hash.’
    • ‘Nunavut health and social services officials believe better access to mental health specialists through video-conferencing could significantly reduce the rate of suicide among Nunavummiut.’
    • ‘So she's gratified that people are using the board to help overcome their natural reluctance to talk about the dead, and to participate in creating a visible reminder of the toll that suicide has inflicted on Nunavummiut.’
    • ‘Flu continued to close schools and daycares in several Kitikmeot communities this week, and events were cancelled or postponed in an attempt to prevent more Nunavummiut from falling ill.’
    • ‘A recent directive to all education staff in Nunavut from the office of Manitok Thompson, the minister of education, has also made many Nunavummiut hesitant to speak their mind.’
    • ‘No one, absolutely no one in Nunavut will be happy to hear that with nearly two months left before year's end, more Nunavummiut have died by their own hands in 2003 than in any other year.’
    • ‘On the whole, Brewer's impression is that Nunavummiut are pretty laid back about the issue, although she also acknowledges that some are pretty wound-up about it.’
    • ‘Despite the central role that this institution plays in job-training and literacy development for Nunavummiut, MLAs rarely ask any questions about it.’
    • ‘When polling stations open at 9 a.m. on Feb. 16, more than 1,000 Nunavummiut will have already voted.’
    • ‘Premier Paul Okalik was one of many Nunavummiut who attended a special Sunday service at parish hall last week to celebrate Bishop Paul Idlout's retirement.’
    • ‘First of all, I'd like to mention that I know there are issues that need to be resolved within the government to better deliver these kinds of programs to Nunavummiut.’
    • ‘Producers from the National Film Board are scouting in Iqaluit, Cape Dorset and Pangnirtung for artistic Nunavummiut who want to learn animation.’
    • ‘Kenney said he wants Nunavummiut to vote Green in order to support the party, now that every political party receives a certain amount of federal campaign funding per vote.’
    • ‘It builds technical capacity in Nunavut, allowing Nunavummiut to take advantage of opportunities presented by the film and television industries.’
    • ‘To make the book most useful to Nunavummiut, the book's authors included only the most common plants that could be found near settlements in most parts of the territory.’
    • ‘Given the education system's many woes, not to mention the low opinion with which most Nunavummiut regard their school system, that's just as well.’


From Nunavut and Inuktitut -miut ‘people’.