Meaning of oarsman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔːzmən/

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nounplural noun oarsmen

  • A rower, especially as a member of a racing team.

    ‘Although winning teams often contain incompetent members, effective oarsmen have the greatest rate of success and increase in frequency the fastest.’
    • ‘As the tips of their oars touched the sides of the stone quay, the port oarsmen hauled as one as their oars absorbed the impact of ship against the quay.’
    • ‘Seen through the door in the background, a team of black oarsmen propel the boat along the Nile.’
    • ‘Forty oared vessels driven by 500 oarsmen, many dressed in period costume, rowed from Greenwich to Westminster, retracing the route of Nelson's coffin.’
    • ‘This made him as strong as an ox and he went on to become a champion oarsman and a member of the rowing crew that won the King's Cup in 1927.’
    • ‘The oarsmen fore and aft of the middle of the ship would provide power when the wind dropped or came ahead, the conditions under which sailing barges would anchor and wait.’
    • ‘Each boat carries about 120 oarsmen whose commander is sailor, sapper, swordsman, quartermaster and general.’
    • ‘They followed Kinade to a rope ladder, then climbed down into a wooden boat manned by four oarsmen.’
    • ‘Doremi noticed that square holes had been cut in the hull to allow oarsmen to row the ship despite the fact that it possessed a single mast with a sail.’
    • ‘One of the eye-catching exhibits from the controversial exhibition, a replica ancient Greek trireme - a warship powered by three rows of oarsmen - has now found a new home port.’
    • ‘When they had rammed their quarry, or were about to board, the blindfolds were whipped off and oarsmen became pirates again, grabbing their cutlasses and joining in the attack.’
    • ‘Turton, looking for oarsmen to row his captain's gig, spurned experienced sailors in favour of boys who were fitted out ‘with short little briefs and everything nice’.’
    • ‘Many, probably most, of the oarsmen, like the ships' officers, made their living primarily from rowing.’
    • ‘Whatever the shape it always has the standard engraved ship with oarsmen and is always pale green.’
    • ‘All the 200 oarsmen were from Kerala and they formed the 500-member contingent of artists from Kerala who came to demonstrate their art and craft in the four-day festival.’
    • ‘Three local rowers, two of them oarsmen who learned their skills on the River Aire as fellow pupils at Bradford Grammar School, celebrated victory at the Henley Royal Regatta.’
    • ‘The singer of the opera-ballet costumed as a sailor and personifying navigation is represented by the oarsmen of the Louvre version.’
    • ‘Warships at this time were propelled by a number of oarsmen which rowed the boat if it came becalmed or it was necessary to manoeuvre it in battle.’
    • ‘An oarsman in his youth, he was a member of the 1968 cadet eight who travelled the country competing.’
    • ‘The rescued oarsmen breakfasted aboard, and descended the gangplank shortly after 8 am, wearing identical boiler suits supplied by the ship.’