Meaning of obdurately in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɒbdjʊrətli/

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See obdurate

‘In the meantime, these societies have obdurately refused to implode but instead churn out for their increasingly wealthy citizens an abundance of goods and opportunities.’
  • ‘All I saw were a lot of disgruntled consumers and, through the windows of obdurately closed stores, a few shop workers taking the opportunity to re-stock the shelves.’
  • ‘He has since campaigned obdurately against the Government's ‘elitism’ in health and education, in defiance of the facts.’
  • ‘After a lengthy discussion, the tribunal defined the term as ‘a person obdurately marked by stubbornness or stolidity who tries to frustrate another’, and ruled that it was not offensive.’
  • ‘‘I'm not hungry,’ snapped Thao, staring obdurately at her knees.’