Meaning of obeah in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəʊbɪə/


(also obi)
mass noun
  • A kind of sorcery practised especially in the Caribbean.

    ‘he knows the value of my power of obeah’
    • ‘Informal social control occurs through peer pressure, gossip, and fear of harmful magic known as obeah.’
    • ‘Although it has been illegal for a long time, obeah, the traditional witchcraft of the Caribbean, still exists.’
    • ‘Some still fear the African-derived black magic called obeah that is common in the Caribbean region.’
    • ‘Many Creoles and Garifuna believe in obeah, or witchcraft.’
    • ‘You see somebody with a beautiful religious artifact, and you don't want to touch it - you're afraid of some obeah jumping out of it to get you.’


Akan, from bayi ‘sorcery’.