Meaning of obediently in English:


Pronunciation /əˈbiːdɪəntli/

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  • In a manner that shows willingness to comply with an order or request; submissively.

    ‘she obediently followed the housekeeper's instructions’
    • ‘the dog had been sitting obediently by her side’
    • ‘She looked down at the dog who had been sitting obediently by her side.’
    • ‘Obediently, I bent to pick up the dropped cup.’
    • ‘Wesley seemed unwilling but he knew his place and obediently followed his captain.’
    • ‘I obediently followed her instructions and slunk behind her.’
    • ‘Katherine obediently did as she was told.’
    • ‘We're obediently standing either side of the road.’
    • ‘I went and stood very obediently at the end of the line.’
    • ‘Television network news has obediently complied with requests to censor the statements.’
    • ‘I cannot obediently approve the decisions of the leadership.’
    • ‘Obediently, I would play along since I did not want to disappoint my parents and sisters.’