Meaning of obeisant in English:



See obeisance

‘He says: ‘How can an agency, so obeisant to every passing whim of political correctness and comprised of enterprise officers teach entrepreneurialism?’’
  • ‘But the paper is unquestionably less obeisant to the extremist forces ensconced in the government and dominating much of the media than just about any other major journalistic institution we have left.’
  • ‘Your right to travel through cyberspace without a snoop noting your every move is one of the next hoops the president will wave before an obeisant Congress.’
  • ‘Parsing their complex performances, she convincingly reads them as both obeisant and self-empowering.’
  • ‘Sir David Lock, the picture's central figure, sits puffing on a hookah while enjoying a naatch (dance show) and surrounded by obeisant courtiers.’