Meaning of obfuscation in English:


Pronunciation /ɒbfʌsˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/

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mass noun
  • The action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible.

    ‘when confronted with sharp questions they resort to obfuscation’
    • ‘ministers put up mealy-mouthed denials and obfuscations’
    • ‘There is none of the deliberate obfuscation characteristic of so much architectural theory.’
    • ‘He should also be credited for avoiding obfuscation.’
    • ‘We have come a long way from the days when central bankers relied primarily on obfuscation and mystique.’
    • ‘Over the years he has become an expert in spin, obfuscation and, most of all, fueling speculative excess.’
    • ‘The effect of his work is not to explain anything, but rather to dramatize the purposeful obfuscation of information.’
    • ‘The band's cryptic song titles provide unneeded obfuscation.’
    • ‘Another obfuscation involved the use of the term 'counter-insurgency'.’
    • ‘I regard this as a deliberate piece of obfuscation.’
    • ‘She made it clear police obfuscation would not be allowed to continue.’
    • ‘The families and friends of those killed have responded bitterly to the litany of obfuscations and half-truths.’


Late Middle English from late Latin obfuscatio(n-), from obfuscare ‘to darken or obscure’ (see obfuscate).