Meaning of object glass in English:

object glass


old-fashioned term for objective (sense 3 of the noun)
‘He worked independently, on commission, from his workshop-cum-showroom, with the help of one or two assistants and apprentices and using an object glass from the optician, Peter.’
  • ‘I compare the Moon itself to the reference; it is the object of the observation, mediated by the real image projected by the object glass in the interior of the telescope, and by the retinal image of the observer.’
  • ‘The leaf was pasted on an object glass, two cuts 5 mm apart were made with a razor blade from the leaf scroll to the midrib (but not through the midrib).’
  • ‘The main emphasis would be upon aperture - that is to say, the diameter of the object glass, which is the light collector.’
  • ‘With 8 X 40 binoculars the magnification is eight times and the diameter of the object glass is 40 millimetres.’