Meaning of objective case in English:

objective case


  • A case of nouns and pronouns serving as the object of a transitive verb or a preposition.

    ‘pronouns after a preposition take the objective case’
    • ‘The prescriptive grammarian will attribute the construction to a chink in the venerable distinctions between subjective and objective cases of pronouns.’
    • ‘If the subject nominal were replaced by a pronoun, the pronoun would have to be in the objective case (her), not the nominative case (she).’
    • ‘Search the portion of English language text to locate each instance wherein the sexist word HIM is used in third person objective case.’
    • ‘As subject of the clause introduced by the conjunction than, the pronoun must be nominative, and as object of the preposition than, the following pronoun must be in the objective case.’
    • ‘In conversations with junior-high-school children I notice their complete ignorance of the objective case of the relative pronoun.’
    • ‘The nominative, vocative, and objective cases belong in Scripture and tradition to he and him; but this minority tradition of sapiential literature and mystical devotion might be honored, preserved, and learned from by use of the female genitive case.’
    • ‘Thus, we have "whom", the "m" of which denotes objective case.’
    • ‘Are these uses "in third person objective case"?’
    • ‘Place whom or what after a participle and ask a question, and the word that answers it, is in the objective case and governed by that participle.’
    • ‘Compared to possessive case, the objective case is much more limited in these dialects.’