Meaning of objective correlative in English:

objective correlative


  • The artistic and literary technique of representing or evoking a particular emotion by means of symbols which become indicative of that emotion and are associated with it.

    ‘Beyond the images of the surgery, Nick's fears of explosion, evacuation, and castration provided Hemingway with objective correlatives that he reiterated many times throughout the stories.’
    • ‘He is known for his use of objects and objective correlative to propel his story line, instead of strict narrative.’
    • ‘In fact, one might suggest that, if there is anything wrong in the play, it is that Hamlet is assaulted by too many objective correlatives, these interweaving and reinforcing each other as the play proceeds.’
    • ‘I like to make objective correlatives for the nonsubstantial - you know, what's the shape or weight of an idea, what does a feeling look like?’
    • ‘These poems put T.S. Eliot's objective correlative to work; each poetic journey symbolizes, from a distance, a personal or collective frame of mind.’