Meaning of objective function in English:

objective function


  • (in linear programming) the function that it is desired to maximize or minimize.

    ‘The purpose of a linear program is to maximize or minimize an objective function subject to a set of linear constraints.’
    • ‘The first is a greedy algorithm that employs two objective functions sequentially, first minimizing the sums of the squares of the bin lengths and then minimizing the maximum bin length.’
    • ‘The Hessian matrix is usually required to generate a set of conjugate vectors to minimize a particular objective function.’
    • ‘Optimization entails the search for solution, that maximize the objective function, in equation for a given set of observations, { x k }.’
    • ‘The parameters of the transition models are then estimated by maximizing an objective function, defining the similarity between the pattern in frame k, and the transformed pattern in frame k + 1.’