Meaning of objet d'art in English:

objet d'art

Pronunciation /ɒbʒeɪ ˈdɑː/

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nounplural noun objets d'art/ɒbʒeɪ ˈdɑː/

  • A small decorative or artistic object, typically when regarded as a collectable item.

    ‘In addition to works of fine art, the National Gallery possesses a small number of objets d'art including glass made by Maurice Marinot in the 1920s and 30s.’
    • ‘The National Maritime Museum's collection of objets d'art comprises over 800 objects.’
    • ‘This exhibition traces the transformation of the mode of transportation commonly known as ‘the bike’ from merely functional and utilitarian, to ‘objet d'art.’’
    ornament, novelty, gewgaw, piece of bric-a-brac, bibelot, trinket, trifle, bauble, gimcrack, bagatelle, curio, curiosity, plaything, toy


French, literally ‘object of art’.