Meaning of obliquely in English:


Pronunciation /ə(ʊ)ˈbliːkli/

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  • 1Not in a direct way; indirectly.

    ‘he referred only obliquely to current events’
    • ‘I have blogged about work (albeit obliquely).’
    • ‘Understandably, pension officials abhor the notion of being linked to terrorism, even obliquely.’
    • ‘Today however the President was to take the high road, referring only obliquely to his challenger.’
    • ‘History is also a central theme in all of the exhibitions, in some cases explicitly confronted, in others obliquely acknowledged.’
    • ‘Each poem was a small portrait contained in a narrative which obliquely offered a philosophical observation.’
    • ‘He has, for example, referred only obliquely to his battle with polio.’
    • ‘Indeed, the question of his resignation was obliquely hinted at during occasionally acerbic Commons exchanges.’
    • ‘Imagery in poetry conveys ideas obliquely, drawing from almost any area of human experience to create a response more effective than direct exposition.’
    • ‘They often did not include the product involved at all, simply referring to it obliquely via its distinguishing features.’
    • ‘Her approach, however, undermined obliquely the authority of those questioning her.’
    • ‘For most of the novel he makes no eye contact and only engages obliquely with the people around him.’
    • ‘A discussion that addresses this point directly instead of obliquely might yield very interesting results.’
    • ‘Some of them said it obliquely; some of them said it directly.’
    • ‘Each of its three stories, self-contained but obliquely connected, presents a female character at a different, crucial stage in her life.’
    • ‘This title raises, obliquely, some of the deep questions that come up in the book.’
    • ‘Julian herself recognized this problem, albeit obliquely.’
    • ‘Their compatriots understood that they had to take time to counsel them and approach the subject much more obliquely than would the Western professional.’
    • ‘The stories don't recount this history so much as illuminate it from various angles, often obliquely.’
    • ‘He even obliquely references suicide as a possibility, although I didn't think a suicide assessment was warranted at this time.’
    • ‘Is it okay to suggest however obliquely that whoever came up with these figures should have their heads examined?’
    diagonally, at an angle, slantwise, sideways, sidelong, aslant, athwart
    indirectly, in a roundabout way, circuitously, evasively, not in so many words, not outright
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  • 2In an oblique direction; slantwise.

    ‘the strings of the instrument run obliquely away from the player’
    • ‘The plant has 45 cm high clustered leafy stems with pinnately arranged pale green lance-shaped leaflets obliquely banded with pure white.’
    • ‘The superior temporal gyrus is subdivided into two or more obliquely running, short, transverse temporal gyri.’
    • ‘The four bristles which project obliquely from the lower edge of the valve are short.’
    • ‘The tendon of the plantaris crosses obliquely from lateral to medial in a depression in the soleus muscle.’
    • ‘Displaying leaves obliquely to bright sunlight encourages maximum efficiency of photosynthesis.’
    • ‘At this moment a battery opened on our left, the shots crossing our heads obliquely.’
    • ‘The lingual root arises directly from the base of the lingual shelf, is slender, and extends obliquely medially as well as vertically.’
    • ‘He watched sleepily the flakes, silver and dark, falling obliquely against the lamplight.’
    • ‘The hepatic region in both is rectangular and is oriented obliquely toward the axis of the animal.’
    • ‘Their puzzle comes from the fact that they are oriented obliquely to the direction of formative bottom current flow.’
    • ‘The lowest bed is an obliquely laminated, blackish, indurated mud, with distinct traces of vegetable remains.’
    • ‘Another planet, smaller than the earth but larger than the moon, collided obliquely with the earth.’
    • ‘The teeth are closely spaced and positioned so that the serrations are obliquely oriented relative to the long axis of the tooth row.’
    • ‘In summer-time, sunlight beats down directly over one hemisphere and the beams fall more obliquely over the other hemisphere.’
    • ‘Then, propped obliquely against the walls of the house, all the doors dried in the crisp and fresh autumn air.’
    • ‘The egg extended obliquely backward across the fly's prosternum.’
    • ‘If a third ovule is present, it is obliquely directed and its placenta is lateral.’
    • ‘But within the regular outline, it is divided obliquely into two irregularly shaped parts of unequal size that descending in height towards the centre are dovetailed together.’
    • ‘Ideally the patterns should be painted obliquely across the face, starting at the forehead and temples, and running down to the opposite side of the face.’
    • ‘It has been proposed that the fusion peptide is obliquely inserted into the target membrane as a flexible monomer in an helical conformation.’