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mass noun
  • The action or fact of obliterating or being obliterated; total destruction.

    ‘headlines about the obliteration of the green belt’
    • ‘It means disorganization, destruction, obliteration, of the institutions of government and nationhood.’
    • ‘Perhaps the danger we face is not the mutually assured obliteration of the two parties, but the destruction of our democracy.’
    • ‘The disaster scenarios prophesied in such reasonable arguments will range from everything from personal ostracism to nuclear obliteration.’
    • ‘But the obliteration of Nagasaki was, if comparisons on this scale are even possible, even worse than that of Hiroshima.’
    • ‘Neither man has even come close to achieving what they set out to achieve - helping their party recover from its crash towards obliteration.’
    eradication, erasing, erasure, effacing, rubbing out, blotting out, wiping out, removal, expunging, effacement, blanking out, blocking out, deletion, striking out, cancellation, crossing out, inking out, scoring out
    destruction, wiping out, annihilation, extermination, extirpation, elimination, eradication, killing, decimation, liquidation, demolition
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