Meaning of obovate in English:


Pronunciation /ɒbˈəʊveɪt/


  • (of a leaf) ovate with the narrower end at the base.

    ‘Juvenile plants and regrowth stems usually have obovate leaves, but these are soon deciduous and rarely appear on older stems.’
    • ‘Seed number, size, and fruit shape all can vary on a single plant, with the smaller, more obovate fruits generally having fewer and smaller seeds.’
    • ‘Most of the species studied have a pollinarium composed by four superimposed, obovate to rotund, unequal (two larger, two smaller) pollinia.’
    • ‘The scales of the cone are thin, obovate and have rounded edges.’
    • ‘The shape is most similar to petaloid A, but the deep emargination is more similar to that of the obovate shape.’
    oval, egg-shaped, elliptic, ovate, ovoid, oviform, ellipsoidal