Meaning of obscenely in English:


Pronunciation /əbˈsiːnli/

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  • 1In a sexually offensive, disgusting, or indecent manner.

    ‘the boys used vulgar language and gestured obscenely’
    • ‘In his writing and in conversation, he talks the same silly and absurd nonsense and often rather obscenely.’
    • ‘He laughed obscenely.’
    • ‘The figure undulated towards him obscenely.’
    • ‘The background singers swoop obscenely and the guitars grind.’
    • ‘All one has to do is read student media to see how obscenely many of these agendas are pursued.’
    • ‘He commanded them to dance obscenely.’
    • ‘In another graphic photograph, a service woman was shown gesturing obscenely.’
    • ‘She talks more obscenely than the coarsest of men.’
    • ‘The boys fought one another, used vulgar language and gestured obscenely.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier To a disgustingly or immorally extreme degree.
      ‘obscenely overpaid executives’
      • ‘There are times when you know you could get away with charging obscenely high prices, but that doesn't mean you should do it.’
      • ‘Who knows, he may even one day justify his obscenely large pay package.’
      • ‘They are obscenely vicious children who care only for themselves.’
      • ‘In some countries, workers on coffee farms are paid obscenely low wages to work in the hot sun.’
      • ‘His success has made him obscenely wealthy.’
      • ‘Some were driving at obscenely fast speeds.’
      • ‘They are working on two obscenely expensive projects.’
      • ‘Markets were obscenely high in the first quarter of the year.’
      • ‘I think it's obscenely overpriced for what it is.’
      • ‘I got obscenely drunk with my friends.’